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How Mark Gannon works with Progressive to boost his agency

When Mark Gannon took over the agency family business, he had no idea he’d grow to more than 100 employees and write policies in 47 states.

“We’ve got a great team that provides all products across the board with a focus in each,” he said. “There’s a real desire for all of us to not be siloed, but we also understand that we all play a role in bringing services to our customers.”

That’s where Progressive sales rep Jim Griffith helps the Gannon Agency. He’s been working with Mark and his agency for more than 20 years, helping to build growth plans, and tap into new tools, services and programs to help create operational effectiveness.

“It’s been a mixture of someone working with us—face to face, training our staff, presenting new technology and showing us how to use it—that’s been a winning combination,” Mark said.

Here are five ways Mark leverages tools and resources to grow
  1. TrainingLeverages his partnership with his rep. “Jim, my Progressive rep, sits and spends time training the staff and it’s been unreal. He’s a great guy inside and outside of work.”Visit Knowledge on Demand in to find CE courses, product training and more.
  2. FocusWith timesaving technology like, he can focus more time connecting with customers. “This is what makes my staff happy. When they can easily quote something, go to FAO, and get a quick answer.”
  3. StrategyBuilding relationships with his peers like those on Progressive’s Agency Council helps him stay connected and in touch with what’s happening across the country. “I think there’s a lot of strength in agency collaboration and sharing stories.”
  4. MarketingWhether staying in touch with existing customers or acquiring news ones, they know using a powerful carrier brand and easy to use marketing tools is a winning combination. “Our marketing folks will always dig in and use Progressive’s marketing materials.”Visit Progressive Marketing in to find co-brandable postcards, emails and print ads.
  5. ProductsOffering a full breadth of products, he’s confident his agency provides each customer with the coverages and services they need and expect and the right rate. “We write and quote all products across the board with a focus in each.”Visit to find the latest information on Auto, Recreational Lines, Commercial Lines and our property products.

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