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How José Arias thrives with Progressive by his side

When José’s agency flooded during Hurricane Irma, he had a lot of quick decisions to make. “It’s a situation where you have no electricity or phones, it was terrible.” So José drove up north, out of the floods, to a dry, remote location so he could be there for his customers in their time of need.

“Our Progressive rep, Huston, was the only rep who reached out to us during the storm,” José said. “I told him that we were having some tough times, working from a remote location and that it was frustrating not having the resources a normal office would have.”

During the conversation, Huston asked for José’s address. And, within a day, sent him a laptop to use and a box full of office supplies. “All the essentials,” José said. “It was totally unexpected. It was just awesome.”

José knows his sales rep is always there to help push his business forward, not just in harrowing times. He receives tools, personal advice, and additional support that give his agency a competitive edge. He says, “With Progressive it’s more of a true partnership—our rep is invested in our success.”

From keeping José aware of the latest marketing tools to helping him train employees, it’s this stable partnership that lays the groundwork for a more certain future. And after the hurricane, he knew he wouldn’t have to worry about his customers getting the help they needed, when they needed it most. “We get a lot of compliments from our customers about Progressive,” said José. “Whatever claims situation, they let us know they’re happy about the way things worked out, and that’s good.”

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