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How independent agent Kim Riha found a constant partner in an ever-changing industry

When Kim Riha, from Accredited Insurance, and her family hit the road for a summer adventure in 2017, the possibility of nasty weather near her hometown of Omaha, Nebraska, wasn’t even on the radar.

But that getaway under the stars took a drastic turn when a tornado ripped through a campground. Most of the RVs at the campsite were destroyed, including her own. Fortunately, like many of Kim’s own customers, she insures her RV with Progressive, and received a brand new one based on the overall damage and her coverage.

In talking with her local RVers after the incident, Kim realized one important thing—“We had the best coverage out of everyone at our campsite,” said Kim with a smile. “The process was quicker than everyone else’s, the payout was fast, and the folks that we worked with were wonderful.”

As she went through the claims process, she was continually impressed by Progressive’s claims experience and coverage. “I don’t think people realize how great Progressive’s coverage is, and now that I’ve had a total loss, I can speak from experience.”

A constant in an ever-changing industry

Kim is a fan of the way Progressive conducts in-person interactions. “Our Progressive reps have been really helpful. I know that if we run into a problem I can call them and they’ll help.”

Progressive continues to make significant investments to support agent’s long-term, profitable growth. This financial stability gives Kim confidence she’ll have a strong partner for years to come. She points to coverages, price, and Progressive Service Centers as other reasons why she quotes frequently with the company.

“Our customers have said that the Progressive Service Centers are wonderful,” Kim said.

“When one of my customers went to a normal repair shop they told him it would be three weeks before he would get his car back, and by going through the Service Center he had it back in two.”

Progressive’s Service Centers are there for customers that need any changes or updates on their car. They do everything from finding a repair shop to finding a rental. “It’s really a one-stop shop,” she said.

For Kim, it’s important that she’s confident in both the service and the coverage she recommends to her clients. It’s what made her business successful and it’s why she’ll continue to partner with Progressive for years to come.

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